Southwest Region Broadband Planning Program


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The Southwest Region Broadband Planning Program is a part of the New Hampshire Broadband Mapping & Planning Program (NHBMPP).  NHBMPP is a multi-year, multi-agency effort to map areas in the state that are currently served by the state’s 70+ broadband providers. The Program, managed by the Complex Systems Research Center at the University of New Hampshire (UNH), is a collaboration between UNH, the nine regional planning agencies in the state, and the NH Department of Resources and Economic Development's Division of Economic Development. The efforts of these organizations, other partners, and input from the public, will yield a mapped inventory of existing and planned broadband assets, as well as a view of locations in New Hampshire where there is either no or inadequate coverage.


In addition to the mapping activities, the NHBMPP includes a 4-year planning component that will incorporate the information collected and the momentum generated by the mapping activities into regional broadband plans throughout New Hampshire. The planning activities will include the creation of broadband stakeholder groups who will focus on collecting and analyzing relevant information, identifying barriers to broadband deployment, promoting collaboration with service providers, and facilitating information sharing between the public and private sectors regarding the use of and demand for broadband services.


Results from the NHBMPP will be integrated into a national broadband availability map, and will provide a solid foundation for future broadband deployment efforts at the state and national level.


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