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Due to the Public Health Emergency, SWRPC's physical offices are closed to the public.  We remain available via telephone and email.  Please call us at 603-357-0557 or click the "About", "Contact Staff" tab located in the upper left of this screen for a list of staff email addresses. 
Stay safe.  Stay well.

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Monadnock Vital Economies

Video of Hinsdale Brattleboro Existing Bridges Forum Oct. 15, 2020

Accompanying survey.

Plan for Ashuelot Rail Trail: A Pilot Project

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September 2020

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SWRPC Meetings

November 10

The SWRPC Board of Directors will meet at 3:00. To join the Zoom meeting via computer please click: http://bit.ly/Nov10BOD20

To join via phone please call 646 558 8656

Meeting ID: 851 7347 2349

Passcode: 791891

For assistance logging in please contact Rich Clough of SWRPC staff.

For more information please contact Becky Baldwin of SWRPC staff.


Other Meetings

October 27

The Hinsdale Brattleboro Bridge Project Advisory Committee will meet at 1:00 p.m. To join the Zoom meeting via computer please click: 


To join via phone please call (646) 558-8656.

Meeting ID: 851 4969 6511

Passcode:  138 501

For assistance logging in please contact Rich Clough of SWRPC staff.

For more information, please contact J. B. Mack of SWRPC staff.

October 28

The Hinsdale-Brattleboro Existing Bridges Subcommittee will meet at 9:00 a.m. To join the Zoom meeting via computer please click: 


To join via phone please call (646) 558-8656.

Meeting ID: 898 2113 0967

Passcode: 110 407

For assistance logging in please contact Rich Clough of SWRPC staff.

For more information please contact J. B. Mack of SWRPC staff.


Items of Interest

The Regional Public Involvement Plan for Southwest New Hampshire has been adopted and released. To view the plan, please click here.

For NH planning events, see the NH Office of Strategic Initiatives Events Calendar.

Discover more about Granite State Future.

Municipal Survey Report

To learn about Monadnock Region Future: A Plan for Southwest New Hampshire please click here

To learn about the Greater Keene Air Quality Education and Outreach Campaign please click here.

To learn about the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant decommissioning process please click here

Highlights - April 2018


 SWRPC  April 2018

 Commission Highlights

Vol. 24 - No.4


Check out the SWRPC Highlights Archive for previous issues.

Current Issue in PDF format


2018 SWRPC Annual Meeting


The Southwest Region Planning Commission's Annual Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 12, 2018 beginning at 5:00 p.m. at Centennial Hall at Keene State College. Announcements for the event, which will focus on "Celebrating Monadnock" will be distributed soon. Please mark your calendars and plan to join us.


EPA Awards Brownfields Assesment Grant to SWRPC


On April 25th the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced an award of $200,000 for community-wide mixed hazardous substances brownfields assessment.  The award will allow SWRPC to continue its long-standing Brownfields Assessment program to support the communities of Southwest New Hampshire in creatively addressing evironmental and economic development challenges.  Although various projects will be eligible for funding, SWRPC hopes to focus on the development of at least one brightfield:  a brownfield hosting a solar array.  For more information please contact J. B. Mack of Comission staff.


Community Transportation Forums


On April 17th and 18th, Principal Planner J. B. Mack joined Ellen Avery, Executive Director of the Community Transportation Volunteer Company, and the Monadnock Region Coordinating Council for Community Transportation in hosting community transportation users, volunteer drivers, state legislators, selectmen, hospital, and social service agency representativs.  Each forum included a presentation on why community trasnportation is everyone's business, and provided information about community trasnportation needs, existing resources and service gaps.  Many attendees shared concerns about shortages of both services and financial support for community transportation. For more information, please contact J. B. Mack of Commission staff.


Hazard Mitigation Plan Training


On April 25th Senior Planner Lisa Murphy participated in a webinar regarding the incorporation of gree infrastructure methods into hazard mitigation plans that was co-hosted by U.S. EPA and FEMA.  The primary hazards discussed included flooding, erosion, and heat effects.  On April 27th Lisa attended the Annual Local Hazard Mitigation Plan meeting sponsored by NH Homeland Security and Emergency Management that included a demonstration of the Stream Crossing Mapper developed by the NH Department of Environmental Services. Information obtained at these sessions can be beneficial to communitities in the development of Local Hazard Mitigation Plans. For more information, please contact Lisa Murphy of Commission staff. 


 Community Development Block Grant Applications


SWRPC staff recently assisted Cheshire County and the City of Keene in writing Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) applications.  Projects for Cheshire county include sub-granting CDBG funds to the Hannah Grimes Center, the University of New Hampshire/Pathway to Work program, and the Regional Economic Development Center. Grant funds will be used to provide training and technical assistance services through the subrecipients and parter organization's microenterprise programs, to a collective minimum of 152 microenterprises throughout the State. The microenterprise program's mission is to increase the income and economic stability of self-employed people and microenterprises by helping them access captial, business training, and expanded market opportunities.  The City of Keene project involves a request for CDBG funds to support an optics manufacturing start-up company known as 603 OPTX.  The City will sub-grant project funds to the Monadnock Economic Development Corporation who will then provide them to the business in the form of a loan. The project will result in the creation of 10 new jobs. For more information, please contact Rebeckah Bullock of Commission staff. 


Recreational Trails Program Applications Available


New Hampshire's Recreational Trails Program (RTP) is a competitive grant program for both motorized and non-motorized public trail projects.  The program is one of the many ways the federal gas tax supports trail improvements throughout our region and the State.  Projects can include maintenance and restoration of existing trails, purchase of certain types of equipment, and construction of new trails or related facilities.  Depending on the project, up to $80,000 is available.  The program requires a 20% local match by the grantee, an eligible private organization, non profit, educational institution, municipality, or state/federal agency. Complete details are available via the bureau of Trails website: www.nhstateparks.org/about-us/Trails/grants.  Applications are due June 22, 2018.  For those thinking to apply, attendance at a related workshop on either May 14th or May 15th is strongly encouraged.  For more information please contact Alexis Rudko at the Bureau of Trails, 271-3254.


Plan NH's Municipal Technical Assistant Grant (MTAG) Program


New Hampshire's population is changing rapidly and housing inventory in most communitites cannot meet future or even current demand.  In an effort to address the changes, Plan NH'd MTAG Program provides funding to communitites who wish to expand options for places to live through zoning regulations.  Funds are awarded through a competitive application procress, to hire consultants to review current regulations, identify needs of the community, and create or rewrite xoning to support what is needed. Funds range from $5,000 to $20,000.  A 25% cash match is required, as is community involvement in the process. Applications are due June 1, 2018. For more information, including application materials, visit http://plannh.org/.  If your community is interested in applying for this grant, and would like the assistance of SWRPC, please contact Lisa Murphy of Commission staff.