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Summary Description of Services Entitled Services Under Membership Dues:

Telephone Support - Town officials may call Commission staff for assistance with land use-related questions. Meetings in the office may also be scheduled to discuss issues in more detail.

Interpretation Of Land Use Regulations - Commission staff is available to respond to questions about various state planning and zoning statutes or local regulations. 

Review Of Development Proposals, Assistance In Drafting Ordinances and Regulation Video Training Library



Additional Services Offered:

Master Plan Preparation - Under separate contract, Commission staff can assist towns in preparing a complete or partial update of a town's master plan, or develop new master plan sections.

Capital Improvements Program - This entails the development of a program of municipal spending on capital projects (equipment, buildings, etc.) over a period of six years. After authorization by the town meeting, the Planning Board prepares the document and submits it to the Selectmen or budget committee for their consideration.  SWRPC staff can assist towns in preparing capital improvement programs.

Impact Fee Ordinances - State statutes authorize planning boards to impose a fee on new development in order to help offset the costs of capital improvements necessitated by that development. SWRPC staff can assist in the development of an ordinance that stipulates what type of development would be subject to such a fee, and the amount of that fee.

Public Opinion Surveys - SWRPC staff can provide assistance in the development, administration, and evaluation of public opinion surveys covering a range of topics, as well as surveys for Master Plan updates, business surveys, and traffic surveys.

Facilitation - SWRPC staff is available to assist in the organization and facilitation of meetings between town boards or committees.


Current Master Plan Projects:  SWRPC is currently assisting Planning Boards and Master Plan Committees in the towns of Langdon, Swanzey, and Walpole, in updating their Master Plans. 


Planning Board Assistance:  

The Commission, in cooperation with the NH Office of Energy and Planning and other NH regional planning commissions, has developed a video training library for planning and zoning board members. These are available for loan to member towns, and also available for purchase from the Office of Energy and Planning.

Commission staff is available to either review ordinance language that has been developed by the Planning Board or, in a limited manner, draft ordinance language for the Board.

Receipt Of Technical Guides - Periodically the Commission develops handbooks to assist Planning Boards in various aspects of their work, for example the "Subdivision and Site Plan Review Handbook", or "Regulations Governing Earth Excavations."  

Planning Boards may use the services of the Commission - at the applicant's expense - to review and comment on applications for subdivision, site plan review, or earth excavations.


Description of Services Entitled Services Under Dues