The Ashuelot River Connectivity Assessment and Restoration Project

The Ashuelot River Connectivity Assessment and Restoration project was initiated by The Nature Conservancy, Southwest Region Planning Commission, and the Ashuelot Valley Environmental Observatory in 2008.  The project’s first phase involved the collection of data on the fragmenting effects of dams, bridges, and culverts throughout portions of the Ashuelot River Basin.  This connectivity data was analyzed and compiled into the 2008 report titled “River Continuity Assessment of the Ashuelot River Basin”.


The project was developed further in 2009 and 2010 through the second phase which focused on identifying priorities to restoring stream continuity in three selected subwatersheds of the Ashuelot River Basin. This analysis became the 2010 report entitled River Connectivity Restoration Priorities in High Quality Subwatersheds in Southwest New Hampshire.  This report is available for viewing through the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Service’s website.


As part of the project, Southwest Region Planning Commission developed a series of informational handouts on culvert connectivity.  These handouts provide guidance for towns and others interested in proper culvert selection and installation practices that allow for the safe passage of wildlife and provide for efficient drainage to minimize flood events.  These handouts are available below for printing and distribution: