Regional Transportation Planning

The Commission carries out research, analyses, public information, policy development and regional planning to support State and local responsibilities to provide for the safe and efficient movement of people and freight throughout the Southwest Region.

The Transportation Program's goals are to:

- Strengthen connectivity within the region, with neighboring regions, and the State.

- Employ best practices to preserve and maximize the life of roads and bridges.

- Set the framework for the expansion of transportation alternatives such as   sidewalks, bike paths and transit based on documented need and community support.

- Put in place strategic improvements, such as intersection improvements, based on ongoing system evaluation.

- Promote safety, security and hazard mitigation.

The Program's planning work generally consists of:

- Staff-level research and analyses.

- Evaluate and prioritize needs and develop solutions based on planning           processes that are open to the entire community and encourage broad participation and feedback.

- Ensure consistency between plans and transportation projects.

- Promote collaboration of planning stakeholders, including town leaders,         businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Important planning considerations guiding the Program's work include:

- Focus on personal, passenger and freight transportation.

- Look for ways that transportation improvements can meet economic development, land use, environment, livability, energy, and other goals.

- Examine opportunities for making streamlined freight connections between truck, rail and plane and walking, biking, transit, rail and car for people where needed.

- Employ creative travel demand management techniques and strategies, such as providing opportunities to replace business trips with new telecommunications technologies.

Major Program elements include:

- Ongoing development and maintenance of a Regional Information Database.

- Provide technical assistance and manage planning data collection, research and analyses on behalf of SWRPC communities and NH DOT.

- Maintain the Southwest Region Transportation Plan.

- Support the Commission's Transportation Advisory Committee.

- Support Regional Coordinating Councils and the Monadnock Alliance for Sustainable Transportation


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